YDC Prestressed Post Tension Hydraulic Jack


Product description

YDC series of light weight hydraulic jack, in order to meet the demand of customer and project, keep and develop the advanced technology and qualitative advantages, it is designed through computer analysis and optimization grouping, repeated trials, especially, cylinder adopt prestressed advanced processes, make it lighter. The hydraulic jack not only small dimension, light weight, but also high strength, good sealing performance, safe, reliable. The jack matched with different accessories, it can be used for different anchors in the pre-tension or post tension prestressed project.

Application and features

1.It is widely used for the construction of bridge and buildings, railway and subway, water conservancy and hydropower engineering matched with prestressed anchorage and strands.

2. It is suitable for stressing mono strands, the specification is Φ15.24 andΦ12.7.

3.In some certain circumstance it can be used in the working of pushing, jacking and transforming and so on.

4.Easy to use with reasonable price.

5. Jack is used for prestressing workshop.

Technical parameters
Mode Tonnage Tension force KN Stroke mm Central diameter mm Dimension mm Weight kgs Tension area Rated oil pressure Number of max. Tension strands
YDC220 22 220 200 Φ32 Φ110*400 20 4398mm² 50Mpa Φ25 rebar
YDC650 65 650 200 Φ60 Φ190*345 58 12638mm² 51Mpa 3 strands
YDC1100 110 1100 200 Φ80 Φ230*356 80 20488mm² 54Mpa 5 strands
YDC1500 150 1500 200 Φ90 Φ270*356 120 30242mm² 50Mpa 7 strands
YDC2000 200 2000 200 Φ114 Φ296*372 135 35796mm² 56Mpa 9 strands
YDC2500 250 2500 200 Φ128 Φ348*373 180 48356mm² 52Mpa 14 strands
YDC3000 300 3000 200 Φ142 Φ375*382 250 57796mm² 52Mpa 14 strands
YDC3500 350 3500 200 Φ158 Φ416*385 290 70765mm² 49Mpa 17 strands
YDC4000 400 4000 200 Φ158 Φ424*385 310 76302mm² 53Mpa 19 strands
YDC4600 460 4600 200 Φ190 Φ473*390 4000 87606mm² 53Mpa 22 strands
YDC5000 500 5000 200 Φ193 Φ480*395 430 93965mm² 53Mpa 24 strands
YDC5600 560 5600 200 Φ193 Φ510*400 460 107156mm² 52Mpa 27 strands
YDC6500 650 6500 200 Φ205 Φ538*400 500 124580mm² 52Mpa 31 strands
Remark 1.There are available jacks in stock if tonnage is under 560 tons.
2.It need to be customized if tonnage is over 650 tons.
3.Standard stoke is 200mm, if there are specific requirement, it need to be customized.