Double Acting Hydraulic Jack


Product description

High pressure hydraulic jack is powered by ZB series of high pressure electric oil pump, the function for oil pressure rebound, overflow, it is designed a safe protect pressurizer, it can protect emergent over pressure, especial construction can protect cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder can bear partial loading is 5% of rated pressure. High pressure alloy cylinder is very durable, especially in the larger project, it is easily to be operated and control. It can be used for lifting heavy machine, bridge project, hydraulic engineering, harbour construction and other equipment. It has large output, light weight, remote control and other advantages, it can match with our high pressure oil pump, it can reach jack, push,pull and extrusion and kinds of working.


1.Integral stop ring provides piston blow-out protection.

2. Double-acting for positive retraction.

3.Baked enamel outside finish and plated pistons provide superior corrosion resistance.

4.Safety valve in retract side of cylinder helps to prevent damage in case of accidental over-pressurization.

5. Interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles are standard.

6.Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.

Technical parameters
Mode Tonnage T Stroke mm Closed height mm Extend height mm Outer diameter of oil cylinder mm Dimension of plunger mm Dimension of oil pump mm Pressure
STQ50-200 50 200 325 525 127 70 100 63Mpa
STQ100-200 100 200 350 550 180 100 140 63Mpa
STQ150-200 150 200 360 560 219 125 180 63Mpa
STQ320-200 320 200 410 610 330 180 250 63Mpa
STQ400-200 400 200 460 660 380 200 290 63Mpa
STQ630-200 630 200 517 717 500 250 360 63Mpa
STQ1000-200 1000 200 630 830 600 320 450 63Mpa
Remark: The tonnage and stroke can be customized as requirements.